Play Gringo Hunt, Win Trips to the Tropics. Gringo Hunt
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Funrunners productions
The main purpose is fund Artist Internet Cafe's in Latin America.   Where any hunger child can eat a good meal at 5pm.  Where at 6pm, the stage is pulled out for local talent contest.   Sponsored by an international  singles fraternity of people that want to make a difference.
Cualquiera puede ganar, digamos que se inician en Costa Rica y Costa Rica gana recibirán el viaje y $ 2.000 para ir de compras,  pesca,  fiestas,  etc.
Anyone can win.  Say we do start in Costa Rica and a Costa Rican wins Gringo Hunt for the month.  The winner will receive the trip and  $2,000 for shopping,  fishing,  Partying, etc.  Panama,  Nicaragua,  Guatemala are all possible starting  points
In Case it all Goes South
Learn about Nicaragua




San Juan
Del Sur
Manuel Antonio

Short story,marine vets meet a funeral of friend decide TO Solve the drug problem, they get 100 old retired bored vets and plan and execute the mission,much more.,I need some real vets to give me backstories on their life
Spread the word, help do the movie,Vets welcome to cast for the movie, FUNRUNNERS PRODUCTIONS.COM
Vets I need your back stories for the characters in the script.,Please share  Semper fi   is me
DWatch this Link
Be in the Movie
Semper fi Take a minute look this over Semper Fi, We can make a difference or we can go sit on the Porch and know we could have, Porch sitting is not a way for a marine to go out..
character types wanted
Major like lee marvin in dirty dozen.
Captain like jim mitchum in midway
chaplain like on MASH
sgt sheay like hawkeye
Some of the vets you have known change the name send me the stories thx
Finding some really good deals any investors? tell me what you want I will find you a deal.I will be working for you ,no back end deal..donate $100 and I will be in touch right now real deal on beach in cancun