Marines in Mexico
"Semper FI"
Honor, Diginity , Justice, & Culture Defense
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Starting today Aug 1, 2010
Throw $5 in
if you can
                                      We are going to do some if 'n 
If 'n the cartel cross into the USA and commit a violent act of such a magnitude that we decide it is time. 
If 'n the President of Mexico invites us to be his personal security force. (NOT as an American Military Unit)
If 'n you were part of this group of old Marines that can still take out a target at 500 yards.
I am looking at putting 4 platoons of 25 Marines to answer the call of justice, honor and dignity.   I am looking for a Marine to take command and pick 4 platoon leaders. This is not a power trip or an ego thing to me, this is an idea that I think may need to be considered.  Our kids are dying in the streets.  I am a Marine with no combat experience, 1975- (Military Police). Each Platoon will have a 2 Two man recon (tourist)  they will be in country early in a cover. Each platoon is a self contained unit. And has no knowledge of the missions of the other Platoons. You very likely may not know all the men in you platoon, but he will be on the hill at the moment he is to be there.  We must not sell the enemy short.. And for protection of all the only people that know the true plans of all units will not be in country.  We are way past, The old Loose lips sink ships on this project.  

Many of us are passing into the later years of life and the possibility to end an honorable life in a Marine Corp fashion is very limited today.  History has left behind, that the importance of death is, as that of life.  I can promise you, your average Marine is not going to want to get to the point of wearing a diaper and not being able to move under his own power.  He has no desire to be dependant on anyone.  And yet he will not take his own life, there is no honor there.  With the exception of possible combat situations.   But, do not view this as a suicide mission, the plan is not to lose a soul.   We hit fast and hard and then we are ghost. 
This is a ONE DAY NON-EVENT, 4 different target, 4 separate platoons, be at your position pick up the hidden weapon, at 9am take out 10 targets, destroy the weapon and walk away, 100 marines x 10 = 1,000 cartel gone missing in 2 min, that would put the business in a complete mess, follow with a 3 day government amenesty. BUSTED   .  

Spread the word to people that might want to help and of course to the Marines..
Some will say this mercenary work and to a degree they would be right.  Of course the Revolutionary War was fought with merks also, along with most wars. . But then I quit caring what people thought along time ago.  I know what is right to me. A Bonus is $500,000 and an island to live on with a bunch other Old Marines.  The trick is to take them all and fill them with respect.

I understand this could be a mental planning offensive that never occurs,  BUT, if we do not do the planning, it can not occur in the event it was needed.  SO Marine, or Special Forces guys , put your 2 cents in.  If we do not stand to change , things will only get worse. 
Actually it could be fun to put the 4 Platoons to work to come up with the best plan of attack with the demographics given to them.  Supply them with fictional names of the locations, but the demographics are real.  A Challenge to come up with the best plan of attack.. Could be an aspect of interest.  Actually that way some Marines that could not make the trip, might still be involved in the solution.


Semper Fi
Old Marine SCAM
So WHO is going to do this movieMovie could be first step and could make enough money to pull off the operation and buy the island for the Marines to retire too.  That would be the safest island on earth.  Wanted 100 or so, OLD slightly worn Marines, men of  honor,  Marines will guide you through the valley of death, for they are surely the warriors of  God Almighty himself.. ANY NEWS OR CHANGES WILL be in Green for a few days.
Never lose the ability to laugh, it is a gift of God.
Make your own videos Here really cool and free for the small ones
Do Not under estimate the the danger nor the need to make a difference in so many lives and not only in Mexico.  Perhaps I am alone in this train of thought.  I have heard very little feedback,  few donations to get the word out or to do some real recon.  I am one Marine and Well,  I have been alone before I was right then too..
LET'S THINK IT THROUGH, AND PASS THE WORD, The situations of Life lead, we simply follow, but to make a difference in mankind is truly the work of a United States Marine. And to those that do not understand, I say this: We must guard the perimeter, and there is no clear boundary.  So stay in your box, be safe, watch the house of cards fall, and tell yourself it was someone else's responsibility.   YO  MARINES   Roll Call...
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Semper FI
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