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To Hell with the number of years it is.  What you do with them is what matters. So many people have become sheep, to the media and the political power machine.  I have never known them to do anything but crank up a hate machine.  Right now it is the immigrants, I know many do not agree with me and that is okay. But this is my site and it OK for me to have my knowledge, lol all you have is a belief, I have the knowledge of the truth.  Some of the most hard working honest people the world has ever known, have been thrown under the bus. And the public has become cheerleaders of the political scam.  The Government passed laws (insane) to make it possible to give welfare to the illegals.  The Drug trade knows no race nor greed    and the blame is being tossed around like a batone.   Fanning the flames when the moment came for them to scare the sheep to keep them scared of the wolf, BOOM it was. " My God the illegals are going to break the social security system, like that was not not on the downhill dive anyway. But they got alot of people that lost site of the truth.  
BUT I have said this to make a very clear point.

We are going down to take out the criminal army, NOT MEXICANS.  Every race has criminals, that does not make the race criminal. Like the Arrogance of the Governor of a state in America says that most illegals are criminals..  Most illegal want to work and support their family.  Know the facts, a Hispanic is 1/5 as likely to be involved in a felony than a WASP.  According to a survey shown by Atlanta TV.  SO start thinking for yourself and turn the TV off more often.

Drugs are destroying our culture, family, and our lives. Part of it is brought on by the wolf, so he can get all the information and control over you.

SO if you have hate in your heart for a race of people I do not want you to be a part of this team.