Marines in Mexico
Honor, Diginity , Justice, & Culture Defense
Starting today Aug 1, 2010
Help if you can
1. Make a new email address with hotmail , gmail, etc and never  use it at home, use bogus information to make the email acct.

2. Never use your name in email or phone conversations, you will be given a number and asked one time for information to verify you.

3. Never talk about being involved in the possible effort to anyone.  I will set up times secured chats if it becomes needed.

I  have an email on here that is to be used for this only. If this becomes more of  reality I would suggest you buy a prepaid phone and pay for it with a prepaid credit card. Family Dollar store have them for $30 , phone and 300 minutes for 60 days.

Marines All idea appreciated
Old Marine SCAM
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ASKING FOR MARINES that are in their 50's and 60's. 70's that do not cherish the idea of dying in a nursing home. SO I am offering a chance to go with the invitation of the Mexican Government to take out the cartels. We do not run, but we can still hit a target at 500 yards. I am thinking Powers Booth or Mel Gibson for the final movie when Hollywood says " hey that is a great idea." And Woody Harrelson for the movie, what do you think?
The video will tell them it is for the movie and it will also tell them this. Marines, this is the real deal. IF the CARTEL CROSSES THE BORDER WITH PROFOUND VIOLENCE. We will be standing ready to enter as a group of international people there to help rid society of the people that are killing our children. We would be there as personal security to the Mexican president. The plan for the movie and in real life is this. Four - 25 man platoons, hit 4 targets at once. The platoons are free wheeling and not associated with the other platoons. Privacy and secrecy are the only protectors. The president of Mexico does not even know the plan, for his safety. There is several non events and the problems are under control again. In one week the drug problem could be in a total disarray. Proceeds would go to help solve the problem.

And of course we will not be sharing any plan with any one..
For the milder ones