Moral Warriors coming from a city near you....

Of course
we will be invited by the Mexican President, as a special presidential guard.  Build a core of police first,  before we are in country.   Bring in Lie detector machines and techs.   First you have a 3 day amnesty for the police,  then the test , they fail they are put in a secret jail. (lol) secret there is a wish, but anyway.
NOBODY take anything with a name on it.  THE WEAPONS WOULD  LIKELY HAVE TO BE SUPPLIED BY MEXICO,  it would alert them if  100 old marines bringing in  guns.   And of course all ideas and plans are not listed on here.

All ideas appreciated, and of course we are not on a suicide mission, and we will charge the Mexican government an island for us to retire to.  ALSO know this the DEA and the Government here can not be trusted. There is a great benefit for them to get the money for the war on drugs. 

   I am doing something that is out there a bit. But it would give a man a chance to go out for justice.  It is going to be  and the movie trailer for , we shot some video this weekend for the trailer.   A Marine that has lost everything , a Marine with agent purple , he lost his LATINO wife (LOL) in A WRECK with a rich guy.   So he gets off and belittles her and make her sound like a criminal, drunk, and she was stopped at a red light when he lost control of the car.  The Warrior  has a revelation and feels like the Lords warrior.    SO the MoralWarrior starts taking the slime out.  The website  receives emails from people who know and can prove these people they know,  have given up their right to live. 
By Friday, I hope to have a video on the site , ASKING FOR RETIRED MARINES that are in their 50's, 60's and  70's that do not cherish the idea of dying in a nursing home.  SO I am offering a chance to go with the invitation of the Mexican Government to take out the cartels.  We do not run, we do not do hand to hand,  but we can still hit a target at 500 yards.  We slip in, there is a glimmer,  shadows fall and we slide out..

The video will tell them it is for the movie and it will also tell them this.  Marines , this is the real deal.  IF the CARTEL CROSSES THE BORDER WITH PROFOUND VIOLENCE.  We will be standing ready to enter as a group of international people there to help rid society of the people that are killing our children.  The plan for the movie and in real life is this. Four - 25 man platoons, hit 4 targets at once.  In one week the drug  problem could be in a total disarray.

Semper Fi
SO, if you got lost on the movie MoralWarrior having the story of as a story line, you probably need to delete this website...  But both are works in progress.
An investor, producer, director, writer, actors,  for the movie would be a good thing. Or a bunch of small investors..  I am one man I work, so if you can help please do.
I am going to put a paypal on the site hope a few folks will donate $20 or so to help make his come
Spread the word to people that might want to help and of course to the Marines...

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