Play Gringo Hunt, Win Trips to the Tropics. Jaco Beach




San Juan
Del Sur
Manuel Antonio

Morgans Cove Bar
Rental toys
Hotel Nine
Hotel of the day
Seafood Dinner
Hotel of the Sun
The businesses in the game are real and they are recommended by  Funrunners will be offering trip packages that can not be beat to our players.  I am talking about trips like 3 nights, 3 meals, 3 -$25 Bar tabs for $129 . Of course you have to get your own air , we are working on finding a working partner on the air.  Costa Rica is 3 1/2 hours from Atlanta and Houston, We can be there before we can be in Florida.  We are going to have beach concerts, etc. will be get on the plane pick up a script and make a comedy movie in the weekend.  All ideas welcome...
Hotel of the day
the funeral
Gringo had lunch at Morgans Cove at 12:30, then going shopping for silver necklace.
Yellow Star =  Funrunners recommended Bar
Bus Stop  from city to city
Hotels deals
Stay and play
Blue Star = Funrunners recommended Food
Red Star = Funrunners recommended Hotel
fine lunch
Green Star = Funrunners recommended Tours
Hotel of the day
Teal Star = Funrunners recommended Shops
Purple Star = Funrunners recommended Taxi's
Hotel of the day
6 oldmarine friends meet at the funeral of there old majors daughter,they all helped raise. she was killed by drug cartel members while doing her job with interpol  DEAr