Play Gringo Hunt, Win Trips to the Tropics. CoCo Beach
The Mission




golden gun
Plan Manuel Antonio

Beach Rentals
Hotel of the day
Hotel of the day
WOKE UP LATE... A quick breakfast next to the grocery
The Restaurants in the game are real and they are recommended by  We are going to be recommending places to have a great meal at a fair price.  We will have many price ranges as long as we feel it is worth the charge.  Clean, Safe, Quality and of course delicious is important.  If you find a place not on the list let us know.  Funrunners is about helping the owner operator. 
Yellow Star =  Funrunners recommended Bar
Bus Stop  from city to city
Hotels deals
Stay and play
Blue Star = Funrunners recommended Food
Red Star = Funrunners recommended Hotel
fine lunch
Green Star = Funrunners recommended Tours
Hotel of the day
Teal Star = Funrunners recommended Shops
Purple Star = Funrunners recommended Taxi's
Hotel of the day
100 old marines who do not want to die in diapers want the leave making a difference 10 10 man squads at 9am on x date they take out a cartel 10 cartels are gone.Then we retire to marine island off the coast of mexico